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Song Idea, Man and a Mermaid, Ramblings

I wrote a rough draft of what would be my next song,
only this is in story form - more like a conversation between two characters.
It's a fisherman in search of a mermaid for so long he drives himself crazy.
It's pretty dramatic - but I like that movie feeling in my writing.

Night of the Soul cover art


[Daytime - Seashore - Saved from a Whale]


I admit that I don’t remember how you look like. And I miss you.
I died as a sailor. A lonely fisherman. When dusk came I often scratch my skin with stones.
And walk in circles delirious with your song. I was stuck in a whales intestines.
A gun and a bible.


Did you find me?


No - I found out I was too afraid to find you. I loved you in what I can only call a pasttime.
I knew it had been too long. I was no longer the same person. The feeling had left.
There was only a longing. I used my last bullet and shot myself in the leg.
I ripped off a page from the bible. I wrote with blood my last letter in hopes I could for the first time
be sincere with you.


What did it mean?


I don’t know. Ramblings? My guilt? A confession.

❀ ❀ ❀